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Michael Vogues



Michael is a leading national expert on older people’s housing and social care, and a frequent media commentator on both the economic and political framework for housing-with-care in the UK.


I pledge to be an Age Irrelevance Ambassador as we constantly need to check our unconscious bias and assumptions when it comes to ageing. I know 85 year olds with more sparkle, wit and vitality than many people my age (myself included). And we need to challenge ourselves why we would find this even surprising!

It is imperative that we create more housing options for older people that sit between care at home, and care homes. As ARCO's patron, Sally Greengross was a huge advocate of our sector and constantly pushed us not to see older people as passive recipients of support, but active, engaged and inspiring contributors to the communities they formed. When done well, that is Age Irrelevance at its best.

Michael Vogues
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