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Shaping a New Narrative.

Redefining life’s horizons in the era of longevity

Children born today will reach adulthood around 2040.  In less than 20 years they will have to navigate extraordinary changes in our society


A new era
The era of longevity has arrived and it is changing the workplace and the landscape of society. From education to business, housing to healthcare, financial planning to family life, every aspect of our lives will be touched as we adapt to the 50-year career and 100-year life.


The opportunity
What this new world looks like is up to us. We have a chance fundamentally to reassess the way we live and work, unlocking new opportunities for growth to benefit everyone – individuals, organisations, the economy and throughout society.


We are creating a powerful movement to reimagine life’s horizons in the era of longevity.


Anthropy 2023

Asking the big questions

Exciting news! Age Irrelevance are proud content partners of @Anthropy, a platform dedicated to inspiring a better Britain across people, place, prosperity, and a global perspective. Join us as we contribute to shaping a brighter future together.

Reimagining the future

Now is the time to redesign our outdated education system, by putting life-long learning at its heart. Preparing our children for squiggly career portfolios instead of climbing a career ladder.  In the workplace let’s dispense with rigid, hierarchical models in favour of flexible cultures where five generations can contribute, regardless of their level. Lets find ways to use valuable skills and relationships instead of letting them walk out the door to ‘retirement’. And when it comes to how we live and financially plan for different life stages, lets create new housing concepts and new financial products and services to help plan for all our futures.

Plant growing

Meet our ambassadors

Amplifying our reach through a network of influential people who can make connections, encourage collaboration and facilitate co-creation of solutions


The heart of this campaign are the people and organisations who are bold and futuristic and who will change the narrative to ensure age irrelevance

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