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A world where Age is Irrelevant

Growing a movement for opportunity and growth 


Reimagining the future... 

Extend our reach
Create a powerful influential network of supporters to amplify our message for change. Age Irrelevance Ambassadors build a network of leaders who are able to deliver change.

Collaborate with changemakers
to examine what age irrelevance means and what action they will take to make it a reality – focus on intergenerational collaborations

Evidence real change

That the debates and actions have triggered. Demonstrate how intergenerational collaborations have reimagined  longer and better lives – communicate  embedded and enduring changes – strong viral social media to build momentum so that the debate takes on a life of its own

Accelerate impact
Share the evidence widely and inspire more Change Makers

The Challenge

Our vision is for an inclusive world where everyone experiences equity in all phases of life and age is irrelevant


Our purpose is to reimagine life’s horizons in the era of longevity.

Our ambition is to create a movement to unlock the growth opportunities a 50-year career and 100-year life can bring.

single plant growing on the moon

...... Opportunity and growth

Unlocking growth... 

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