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Our Foundational Funders

Foundational Funders championing Age Irrelevance

To make age irrelevance a reality we use funding generously donated by fantastic organisations who do so much good through others.


The Funding commitment…


A donation that can be used as unrestricted funds to support our campaign, communications and running costs.


In return association with the Age Irrelevance campaign gives...


  • Consumer Brand recognition with an imaginative campaign

  • Strengthened employee value proposition

  • Contribution of expertise to shape the campaign

  • Access to new and emerging insights on age irrelevance

  • Branding opportunities at events and on corporate materials

  • Sharing insights with like-minded organisations

  • Impact on political and media audiences

  • Positive impact on consumers of all ages

  • Showcase products and services

If you would like to know more about funding opportunities get in touch with our campaign director.

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