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Baroness Sally Greengross OBE

A world where Age is Irrelevant

Baroness Sally Greengross vision was for…An inclusive world where everyone values age irrelevance and expects equality in all phases of life. It's is not about taking age out of the equation, it is about putting consideration of all ages into everything.

Our Mission

The Greengross Foundation has been established to continue Sally’s indomitable spirit for being driving force that harnesses the power of collaboration to mobilise and equip others to become influential age irrelevant change makers.


We will change the narrative to...


The Purposeful Generation


How can we ensure the “100 Year Life” is seen as a great asset that adds value back to society and people.

The 100 year life is fast becoming our normal life span. We need to grasp the extraordinary opportunity  that this gift of extra time offers people, society and the economy. We need to capitalise the impact on the nations balance sheet that 11 million over 65’s could generate.

Baroness Sally Greengross painted a picture of how we need to reimagine this new era of longevity.


She said…”Imagine you are in a play, and it’s 2 weeks before opening curtain. The producer brings the whole cast together to say that they now have an extra 40 minutes. Would you filibuster, take your time through the existing plot, pad out third act...

or as Sally advocated, would you re-write the whole play?

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