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The International Longevity Centre and The Greengross Foundation – Kindred spirits working collaboratively 

A strong connection

The International Longevity Centre was shaped by Sally Greengross over 25 years. The ILC is renowned for its evidence based collaborative approach redefining how societies across the globe respond to demographic change and ageing. The ILC are pioneering experts with a wealth of data and evidence which help design solutions to ensure we all live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives.


In her last year Sally was busy building on the lessons from the Millennium Debate of the Age which she ran in 2000. Her last big idea was to really understand the intergenerational connection. Her thoughts were that society needed to become age irrelevant. The consequences of this are profound, as so much of society is based on the implicit assumption that age and stage of life are one and the same. She was thinking about HR practice, marketing, housing, pensions and retirement. She envisaged a new narrative one that asked big questions and challenged current age defined barriers.


The Greengross Foundation has been established to continue Sally’s last big idea, We have no solutions only big questions. We will draw up evidence amassed by the ILC, collaborate and connect with them. Our focus is on the emergence of four generation families, changing generational attitudes and how we all can support the 100-year life. We will be a collaborative driving force; mobilising  and equipping others to become influential age irrelevant Change Makers. 


Sally wanted this to be a new challenging debate that resulted in action to drive change - She wanted to empower the debate, collaborate on transformative ideas and unleash a new thinking. The actions that results from our debates will help inform the ILC and its future research as much as we will benefit from evidence that the ILC have collected. 

Learn more about the research on Longevity at the ILC UK

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