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Intergenerational England

Intergenerational England is a new charity offering a foundation that enables everyone, whatever their circumstances, to benefit from intergenerational experiences, with a focus on transforming the social fabric of our society by bridging the intergenerational divide across people, sectors, and government

The power of collaboration 

Sally would have applauded what Intergenerational England is doing to drive connections. She instinctively knew that society had to unleash the power of connection across all ages if the challenges of loneliness, self-worth and well-being were to be tackled at scale. She envisaged a new narrative, one that enabled shared learning, exchange of ideas and a new sense of belonging – one not confined by perceived age silos – rather a society bound by commonality and shared life paths.  
The Greengross Foundation has been established to continue Sally’s last big idea. Our campaign is about collaborating with amazing Change Makers, amplifying their approach and sharing learning.  We will be a collaborative driving force; mobilising  and equipping others to become influential age irrelevant Change Makers.   
Sally wanted this to be a new challenging conversation that resulted in action to drive change - She wanted to empower the debate, collaborate on transformative ideas and unleash a new thinking. Intergenerational England will be at Anthropy 2023 where Age Irrelevance is a core content partner – together we will drive the need for change through powerful stories and experiences.   
Inspired by the pioneering work of Intergenerational Music Making (IMM) a group has come together from public, voluntary and private sectors to develop Intergenerational Engla
nd working to help bridge the age gap to tackle our health and headlines.


Backing Intergenerational England is Jeremy Hughes CBE, who is also an Age Irrelevance Ambassador  

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