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Opportunity for growth

Reimagine our future

We believe now is the time to challenge why age irrelevance is not already at the top of the agenda for decision makers and change agents. It’s not about taking age out of the equation, it is about putting consideration of all ages into everything. This goes beyond policy and examining the impact of ageing populations.


We want the decision makers across all sectors to facilitate and maximise opportunity and enable people to benefit from long, healthy and independent lives. Amazing work is being pioneered on living longer better lives.


We want to create strong collaboration between the best minds, research, and solutions and the decision makers. We will be the protagonist asking audacious questions, triggering debate, and supporting others to deliver action. By connecting and collaborating with wide networks we aim to inspire public engagement to expect an age irrelevant society.


Our work will unleash an understanding of what age irrelevance means to different issues building demand for change by helping others to visualise why valuing age irrelevance is essential for longer better lives. We will connect the knowledge network, cascade ideas and inspire people to become age irrelevant change makers. 

Why Age Irrelevance

At Age Irrelevance, we are committed to changing that. We’re passionate about the value of intergenerational conversations and collaborations to unlock growth for all our futures. Sally Greengross had a vision to reshape society by realising the benefits that longevity offers. It’s not about taking age out of the equation; it’s about considering the interests of people across ages in every decision.


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