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Sally's Strategy

Many connections Many ripples

Step 1: Secure high-profile Ambassadors who are well respected and command an audience to act as our connectors and amplify our voice.

Step 3: Collaborate with brilliant Change Makers lead by example in their own organisations to demonstrate age irrelevance to all their stakeholders and drive change across sectors 

Step 3: Evidence with case-studies how Change Makers are making age irrelevance a reality. 

What does The Greengross Foundation want to happen as a result of this strategy?

Clear message for change: A clear communications programme to raise a shared consciousness of what Age Irrelevance means 

Own the narrative: Command attention that this debate of our age is mission critical to a sustainable future as we become a society where 100-year lives and four generational families are the norm.

Grow a Movement

Jan 2023 - July  2023

July 2023 - June 2025

June 2025

Grow the movement

Create a powerful influential network of supporters to amplify our message for change. Age Irrelevance Ambassadors build a network of leaders who are  able  to deliver change.


Collaborate with changemakers to examine what age irrelevance means and what action they will take to make it a reality – focus on intergenerational collaborations 

Evidence real change that the actions that the debates have triggered. Show how intergenerational collaborations have reimagined  longer and better lives – communicate  embedded and enduring changes – strong viral social media to grow momentum so that the debate takes on its own momentum

Final report back

Share the evidence widely and inspire more Change Makers

Let's Get

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