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5 Percent Club

Mark Cameron OBE

Our Insight: 

Talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not. We will use our influence to ensure employers are positively inspired to access every talent pool effectively, and that includes all workers irrespective of age; everyone deserves the opportunity for employment, new skills development and to make the difference.


Our Commitment:

In association with the Greengross Foundation’s campaign for Age Irrelevance, we will continue to inspire positive employer action for increased, accessible, and inclusive workplace learning opportunity for all. This is centred primarily on Apprenticeships, Graduate Schemes and Sponsored Students, and we will continue to make strides to dispel the notion that investment in workplace skills development should be focused solely on young people. No individual should be faced with an artificial barrier based on age, especially if a workplace learning intervention will help them, employers, and wider UK society.  


Our Action:

We will continue to grow our movement and increase participation levels in our Employer Audit Programme, which provides a baseline against which participants can develop plans for improvement, including ensuring learning schemes are open to recruits and workers of all ages. We will convene our members and explore ways in which their workplace learning programmes can become more inclusive, including a consistent theme of Age Irrelevance. And we will include Age Irrelevance in our campaigning for improvements and enhancement to the Skills System the across the Government and the devolved administrations of the UK. 

5 Percent Club
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