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Belinda Basil-Jones


Work/Redefined is focused on employers. It supports businesses to navigate the complex

terrain of age inclusivity. Work/Redefined offers insights, industry data, consulting services,

age inclusive accreditation, training, assessment and more. Our Age Readiness Score

provides employers with an an instant snapshot of their position as they journey to becoming

fully age inclusive.

Jobs/Redefined  is a jobs board specifically for candidates who are 50+. It showcases roles

available with the best age inclusive employers and offers a range of resources for job

candidates to support their career.

Life/Redefined is a free membership platform aimed at the modern career-minded ‘plenty

left in me yet’ over 50’s. It offers inspiration and ideas across all aspects of lifestyle from

fitness to finance, home to holidays and much more. We inspire and ignite our members’

passion for life through our stories of ‘Redefiners’ taking up new pursuits or changing career

later in life.


Thirty healthy years have been added to life expectancy in the last century, making the age

of 50 merely mid-life. And yet ageism in the workplace remains – a barrier estimated to cost

the UK economy over £30 billion per year.

More than two-thirds of over 50s believe age works against them when applying for a job,

and over 80% haven’t been contacted by a recruiter in the past 12 months.

This is despite the wealth of wisdom, experience and skills that over 50s can bring to the

workplace. On top of this, over 50s are half as likely to take a sick day than employees in

their 20’s and twice as likely to build a thriving enterprise when starting their own business

than their 30-year-old counterparts.


We commit to working with employers to break down conscious and unconscious biases that impact over 50s. Through age inclusive training we dispel misconceptions and educate recruitment teams and hiring managers on the benefits that experienced workers bring to organisations. We encourage companies to enrol in our age inclusive accreditation programme, which sets benchmarks across recruitment, training, employee engagement and career planning processes to remove biases against older candidates and employees. We help companies view their processes and services through the lens of over 50s employees and consumers and provide expert guidance on how to best address the needs of this important segment.

55/Redefined works to redefine the way the world looks at over 50s. We celebrate the wisdom and perspective that comes with age and provide inspiration and support to help people attain new purpose and fulfilment in midlife and beyond.


We want to see businesses adding 10 years to productive lives, by enabling people to work for longer, save for longer and live healthier and happier later lives.

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