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Brave Starts

Champion: Lucy Standing


Age and experience doesn’t necessarily make future job prospects clearer. As we age, our values and needs change. What worked for us for the past 20 years won’t necessarily work for the next 20. More than 70% of people over 50 (based on more than 6100 people) rate ‘having no idea what to do next’ as their biggest barrier to the world of work.


We commit to supporting the needs of 50+ demographic who want and need to work:

Our non profit position offers neutrality: we share what works or what we believe offers value. Without investors, shareholders or sponsors, we can be honest about what is broken and constructive in offering suggestions for change. Our community offers support, validation of feelings and opportunities for connection. Our evidence based approach offers the reassurance of credibility and professionalism. We help people become more informed about their options and next steps so they can make better decisions for themselves.

We view age as an asset. In an ageist world, we help develop the skills and insight for people to view their age and as asset whilst giving them the confidence to self advocate.


We want to see governments develop policy which will influence organisations to more rapidly recognise the value of older employees. We’re arming the 50+ audience with the insight, confidence and skills to remain engaged at work for longer, but we need organisations to come to the table and offer up the opportunities our audience to engage with.

Brave Starts
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