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Intergenerational England

Champion: Emily Abbott


Britain is one of the most age-segregated countries in the world with lack of intergenerational connection contributing to some of the greatest challenges we face as a nation, from loneliness and anxiety to poor health, ageism and even the housing crises. Inspired by the pioneering work of Intergenerational Music Making (IMM) a group has come together from public, voluntary and private sectors to develop Intergenerational England.


Intergenerational England is for everyone, whatever their circumstances, to benefit from intergenerational experiences. We will create connections that transform the social fabric of our society by bridging the intergenerational divide.


We will drive forward the field at both a practice and policy level, working with people to promote, advocate and facilitate intergenerational and cross-sectorial initiatives to create stronger societies.

Intergenerational England
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