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Moving Ahead

Liz Dimmock


With us spending longer than ever before working, organisations have an immense opportunity to empower and enable people of all ages to thrive. Age can be a significant barrier to inclusion yet there is so much to be gained from harnessing the potential of having multiple generations in the workplace. Not doing so can be damaging to the individual but also to organisations, where legacy knowledge and valuable skills can be suddenly and irretrievably lost. By better supporting individuals, whilst educating and enabling employers, we can help overcome these challenges and unlock the value that all ages can bring.



Moving Ahead commits to understanding how to unlock the potential that intergenerational workforces have to make the world’s workplaces more diverse, equitable and inclusive, incorporating those learnings into our global cross-company mentoring programmes.



Moving Ahead aims to incorporate specific content on age and the workplace into our development programmes, alongside working with Age Irrelevance to better educate and support employers.

Moving Ahead
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