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Champion: John Day


In the United Kingdom, we have added 10 years in longevity in the past 60 years. We have added these years to the end of our lives. And, to use the metaphor of life as a journey, we have added 10 miles to the end of the road without changing any of the signposts, traffic lights and speed bumps delineating where we start and stop things in our lives like education work and retirement. Knowing that we are adding 10 years to the phase of our lives when we are likely to be retired or economically inactive, we need to reimagine our relationship between work and other aspects of our lives. We need to think about how we save for a longer life and what each of the social partners, governments, employers and individuals need to commit to or must do if we are to maintain solidary solidarity in our social contract.


ProAge commits to understand the impact of ageism, develop best practices and deliver evidence-based thought leadership that promotes greater age inclusion in the work place. The aims and objectives of both organisations are perfectly aligned in envisioning a truly inclusive and equitable world. One where a person's age ceases to be relevant and only their skills and experiences are taken into account with individuals, companies and society as a whole benefiting as a result. ProAge has 560 followers on LinkedIn. As a mark of our desire to become an Age Irrelevance Change Maker (and as an expression of our wish to forge a close and mutually beneficial partnership) we can promote our association with Age Irrelevance via our web site, our followers and via social media. Our commitment to support Age Irrelevance and promote its vital work is clear and unwavering.


We want business stakeholders, leaders, managers and all staff within an employer to understand how age diversity offers new perspectives and opportunities. And ensure that all and that employers are confident in managing the needs of and harnessing the diverse talent within multigenerational teams. We want all employers to have age as a core aspect of diversity and inclusion strategies

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