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Champion: Veronica Franklin Gould


From music to painting and modelling, dance to theatre and poetry, heritage and horticulture, the arts can have an astounding impact on brain health, wellbeing and resilience in the community. We will use our knowledge on brain health to look at intergenerational learning and young onset of dementia.


In association with the Greengross Foundation’s campaign for Age Irrelevance, in the spirit of the phenomenal advances made by Baroness Greengross, founder patron of Arts 4 Dementia, our Global Arts for Brain Health Conversations will present innovators in the national and international study and practice of art and music-making to preserve brain health, together with student responses. We shall also look at how taking up arts can enable people with young onset dementia to continue study, work and volunteer.


We have agreed to hold a series of global webinars over 2 years to host discussions between experts, policy makers and practitioners to ensure age irrelevance models of arts practice for brain health to raise awareness of early symptoms of dementia. The inaugral Greengross webinar will be held on 4th September 2023. We will share our findings and drive change for better brain health across all ages.

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