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Why employers must have a longevity strategy

1 in 4 workers across the G7 will be over 50 years old by 2030…and yet, most employers are failing to plan for an age-diverse workforce. 


We’re living in an age where the 50-year-career is fast becoming a reality. But our workplaces are still following a traditional system, expecting employees to gradually rise up the ranks. It’s time to reimagine how we work.


#AgeIrrelevance in the workplace is more important now than ever. As we live longer, the way in which we work is shifting – becoming more flexible and less linear. People are not necessarily staying in the same career for 10+ years.

Businesses should focus on bridging generational gaps, bringing together people with varying skills and experiences to create intergenerational value.

Age diversity in a team enables all perspectives to have a voice.


Age irrelevance supports people to share ideas and leverage expertise to grow together. Mutual mentoring from different perspectives brings challenge and healthy conflict to fire imagination and innovation. 

We want organisations to prepare for this changing age demographic and to capitalise on those different age perspectives to further growth. Age Irrelevance isn’t about papering over age differences it is about leveraging the power in human difference to create new ideas and opportunities.

We want to see a move away from generational conflict to us all adopting an age irrelevance lens. 


Organisations need to prepare for a changing demographic in the workplace, encouraging different perspectives and ideas  to unlock new opportunities for growth, starting with:

• Encouraging life-long learning and flexible work patterns.

• Access to apprenticeships across all ages.

• Career transitions to attract talent through the 50-year working life.


How will you reimagine the workforce? To get involved and become an Age Irrelevance Change Maker, get in touch.


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