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Ian McKay

Institute of Directors - Scotland


Ian has been a leading member of the Institute of Directors in Scotland for some years, serving as both Scottish Chairman and as a UK Council and Nominations Committee member.

He was also a longstanding member of the Scottish Council of the CBI and SCDI Council. Ian is currently Independent Chair of the Scottish Police Negotiating Board, the regulatory body that considers a range of matters relating to police officer terms and conditions in Scotland, and also chairs the Scottish Police Consultative Forum.

My pledge

Why I am making a pledged to be an Age Irrelevance Ambassador and encourage others to debate the question what age irrelevance means and to inspire action in others.

I take the view that most issues facing companies at boardroom and senior exec level are people issues. Age Irrelevance doesn't fit neatly into any textbook definition but it is a debate that need to be tackled differently. 

Since the average workplace now includes members of at least four generations, companies that embrace all ages are more likely to succeed. Being able to facilitate intergenerational understanding is vital to creating an economy for the future.

Ian McKay
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