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Jamie Bunce

CEO. Pioneer of healthy connected living


CEO of Inspired Villages, a leading operator and developer of purpose-built, later living communities in the UK. With a passion for improving the lives of older people and challenging the perceptions of what later living means, Jamie has a proven track record of delivering high-quality, sustainable and vibrant communities. Under his leadership, Inspired Villages has grown to become an award-winning pioneer in this space, offering innovative solutions for active, healthy and connected living for older people.


Having worked in the later living sector for 15 years, I’m passionate about building communities where people can live the best years of their life. We champion holistic wellbeing and the enhancement to the lives of our residents is so palpable, we’re looking at ways we can open this up to wider communities across the whole UK. I am keen to evolve the work we do across our communities to challenge the perceptions of what later living means and how we all view this stage of life. Our ageing population are proud, passionate, and curious about trying new things and we long may we continue empowering them all to do that.

Jamie Bunce
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