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Ritika Wadhwa

Chief Executive Officer


Ritika is on a mission to bring inclusion and innovation to the heart of organisations, and she believes that Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is a capability which can do that. Following her recent role as COO at the Cultural Intelligence Centre, Ritika is now the Founder and CEO of Prabhaav Global. Prabhaav means impact in Hindi and the organization's mission is to apply the transformational power of Cultural Intelligence for impactful leadership. Ritika is a CQ Certified Facilitator and a Fellow at the Society of Leadership Fellows, Windsor Castle. She sits on the Strategic Advisory Board member for British Transport Police and is a Trustee and Board Director at the 5% club. Ritika is also a sought-after Keynote speaker. 


I am really excited to become an Age Irrelevance Ambassador. Still in my 40's, I see myself as a bridge between generations while looking forward to applying my over 4 decades of experience to create a future where my age becomes irrelevant as I grow older.

Ritika Wadhwa
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