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Oaktree Court

Champion: Gary Baxter


Oaktree Court is an Integrated Retirement Community whose management company is comprised of a board of directors elected from the people who live here. The directors have a wealth of knowledge and experience between them in areas including business, finance, education and healthcare.


I have committed to organising a series of conversations that connect our owners with younger people from the local area to both share knowledge and look at what Age Irrelevance means. We will draw upon the experiences or our owners and put forward questions to the younger generation to help find new solutions to meet the challenges that the 100-year life will bring in the next 30 years.


We will feed in our ideas and actions to the Age Irrelevance movement. Our aim is to share knowledge, experiences and ideas to help the next generation think differently about phases and stages of life and to view later stages of life as opportunities for different kinds of activity and contribution.

Oaktree Court
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