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Caroline Waters OBE

Trustee, influencer, Adviser, Optimist


Voted as one of the most influential HR Directors of the decade and highly regarded as a leading business-savvy HR director. Following a successful portfolio career that includes being a member of the advisory board of the Centre for Care, and International Longevity Centee, Trustee and Chair of the Animal Welfare Committee for the RSPCA and Vice President of Carers UK. Previously Deputy Chair of the UK's Equality and Human Rights Commission (2013 - 2023) . Past business roles include Director of People and Policy at BT.


Age is just an irrelevant number; it tells us nothing about what we have achieved or what we are yet capable of achieving. We must act now to confront and dismantle ageism because the world needs every ounce of our collective ability to realise the potential of an inclusive future in which we all hold an equal and valued stake.

Caroline Waters OBE
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