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Our Ambassadors

Growing the movement

To make our vision a reality we are creating an influential network of Ambassadors to grow our movement .


The commitment we ask for...

Connect The Greengross Foundation to people, organisations and policy makers who would be brilliant as an Age Irrelevance Change Maker.

Our Ambassadors help people, society, policy makers and organisations really consider all phases of life when planning and making decisions.

We are asking our Change Makers to debate our big question... What does Age Irrelevance mean to your sector? and how can you deliver on our vision for a society that does not notice age and people are just people and age is irrelevant.

Our Ambassadors amplify our movement

  • Follow and support on LinkedIn

  • Contribute a 60 second vlog on why age irrelevance matters

  • Make 10 connections who could be change makers

  • Support senior leaders to understand our age irrelevance movement

Ambassadors trigger curiosity with their peers...

The unique characteristic of age should fire a curiosity about how we all think about a future where 100 year lives and four-generational families are commonplace.

stones on rippling water

Meet our Ambasadors

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