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Lawrence Churchill CBE

Chairman, Influencer, Pensions Expert


50 years’ experience in financial services. Public appointments include founding Chairman of the Pension Protection Fund and the National Employment Savings Trust, Chairman at the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, Board member at the Personal Investment Authority, the Financial Ombudsman Service and the Board for Actuarial Standards. Private sector posts include Senior Independent Director at Bupa, CEO at Zurich Financial Services UK, CEO of NatWest Life, Executive Chairman at UNUM and a member of the Board at the Association of British Insurers. Charitable positions include trustee roles at Royal Society of Arts, Employers’ Forum on Disability, International Longevity Centre, Age UK and Chair of the Pensions Policy Institute.


“I have devoted my career to forging innovative solutions for the important issues that impact pensions. We must pioneer a new route of choice to engage all generations to a safer insured future. Age irrelevance enables a new bold narrative that sees all phases of life as an opportunity to plan for longer lives with multigenerational families supporting each other”.

Lawrence Churchill CBE
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