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Mike Mansfield

Chief Executive Officer of ProAge


A decade of experience working on the topic of age inclusion and helping people plan for a longer life. ProAge is a member led UK charity promoting age inclusion in the workplace. As CEO, Mike is helping organisations understand where they are on their journey and develop programmes to promote longer working lives and high performing multigenerational teams. Previously, as programme director for the Aegon Center for Longevity and Retirement, Mike authored 13 reports on the topic of retirement security.


Since 1992, the population of working adults aged 50 to 64 in the United Kingdom has increased by four million, compared with an increase of only two million in the number of working adults aged 25 to 49. Increases in longevity and falling birth rates will see the proportion of older workers continue to grow in the future. Collectively, we need to create more age-inclusive workplaces, so that workers of all ages can thrive, and older workers can stay economically active until they decide when it is right for them to retire.

Mike Mansfield
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