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Jim Boyd

Later life specialist in financial services.



Expert Adviser at the Department for Work and Pensions. Experience of retirement and social care funding having led the Corporate Affairs functions at specialist life assurers Britannic Retirement Solutions, Just Retirement and Partnership Assurance. Adviser and member of Insights Expert Group, to the Intergenerational Longevity Commission-UK, a leading longevity, ageing and population change policy unit; Social Care Policy Network at Public Policy Projects, an independent policy institute and former Deputy Director and Head of Research at Reform think tank.




Planning for later life finance is likely to be even more important for future generations of retired homeowners than it is today. As we can expect to live for longer intergenerational wealth will become routinely anticipated requiring a narrative that engages people to expertly manage a longer better life. Planning should be considered in all phases of life not just when we hit retirement.

Jim Boyd
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